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Photos of various student protests

Welcome to! We are an online publishing platform founded with the purpose of connecting students at Master level with professors. For students, we hope to encourage a pro-active attitude towards graduate studies, where creativity and developing ideas of your own count more than career-minded pursuit of formal qualifications. For professors, we hope to give due credit to anyone dedicated to opening up science to new participants, on terms that are not basically one-sided.

If you have got an idea for a PhD project, please become a member and upload it! You can then request reviews from professors; both your idea and the expert reviews will be given a permanent digital home on our site. Our crowd-sourced student editor system assures a minimum quality level for all uploads, and respectful treatment of professors' time. Though aimed particularly at students in engineering and natural science, anyone with 2 years of study and an institutional email account can register.

If you are a first time visitor, the best point to start is the FAQ section.

Recent site news:
01/04: A snapshot of the source code of the website can now be found here
09/12: An introductory presentation of this website has been published
24/09: A sandbox environment has been installed at
16/09: We are proud to announce that our site has officially launched! Membership applications are now open and will initially be checked by hand, but a democratic community vote will take over once more than 100 students are registered. A similar limit of 50 students qualifying as moderators is imposed on contact requests for professors, but other publishing capabilities are made available in advance.
2017-09-16 09:31:08
Secure relative timestamping using a physically unclonable unitary
2017-09-16 09:17:24
Passive optical fingerprint scanner for fiber optic remote authentication